CRST Virtual Textbook of Cataract Surgery 
David F. Chang, MD, Editor

Introduction (The First Virtual Textbook of Cataract Surgery)

Section - Endophthalmitis prevention and cataract pharmacology

Section - Cataract Surgical Techniques

Section - History of Cataract / IOL Surgery

Section - Phaco Techniques

Section - Phaco Technology

Section - Strategies for Complicated Cases

Section - Retinal Considerations in Cataract Surger

Section - Glaucoma Considerations in Cataract Surgery

Section - Cataract Operative Complications

Section - Cataract Postoperative Complications

Section - Challenging Cases Case Reports

Section - IOLs

Section Non-Phaco Innovations

Section Refractive Lens Exchange

Section - ASCs and Surgical Reimbursement

Section Legal issues in Cataract Surgery