Dr. Chang In The News

Washington Post 2014 (On Cataracts in Younger Patients)

ABC News Healthday (Cataract Surgery Update)

New York Times 2016 (Lens Implants and Cataract Surgery)

New York Times 2015 (quoted by Nicholas Kristof in article on Dr Ruit)

US News World Report 2014 (About Cataract Surgery)

US News World Report/Healthday 2009 (Flomax and Cataract Surgery)

Healthday 2006 (Prostate Drugs and Cataract Surgery)

American Family Physician 2009 (Prostate Drugs and Cataract Surgery)

Beckers ASC Review: 34 top Ophthalmologists

Bottom Line Health on When to have Cataract Surgery 2008

Bottom Line Health on Cataract Symptoms 2008

Bottom Line Health 2008 (on Steroids and Cataracts)

Bottom Line Health 2018 (Cataract Surgery in Patients with Glaucoma)

Dr. Chang quoted in Chicago Tribune article on Cataract Surgery 2010

Harvard Women’s health newsletter on cataract surgery 2007

Chinese Television Interview 2014

Dr. Chang featured in Health Articles 101 for ’10 Best Eye Surgeons in America’

Humanitarian Travel with Rand Paul

Healio Chang award announcement

National Review 2014 (Dr Chang quoted regarding Sen Rand Paul Guatemala Trip)

Washington Post 2014 (Coverage of Humanitarian Trip with Rand Paul)

Washington Post 2014 (Coverage of Humanitarian Trip with Rand Paul)

Breitbart 2014 (Coverage of Humanitarian Trip with Rand Paul and Dr Chang’s Patient)

Fox News 2014 (Rand Paul article on Guatemala Trip)

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