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For most of our cataract surgery patients, we prescribe an anti-inflammatory eyedrop called “OMNI” to be used twice/day following surgery for 4-6 weeks per eye. If we did not prescribe this for you, please disregard this section. OMNI is a special formulation of two different medications within a single bottle; this increases convenience and reduces cost. OMNI eye drops can only be obtained through a mail order pharmacy called OSRX.  Download the information sheet about OMNI drops

  • We submit your prescription online to OSRX pharmacy.
  • They will mail the medication directly to your home. They will call you withing 48 hours to confirm the mailing address and to collect the $30 charge (plus shipping).
  • You will be receiving this call from a (406) Area Code. You will also receive a text message with an order number and link to where you can easily verify your address can pay online.
  • IMPORTANT: Call them at 855-466-1076 if you don’t receive the call or text within 2 business days. Do not wait to do this or you may not receive your eyedrops by the time of surgery.
  • Once verification and payment are made, the OMNI bottle will be mailed to your home. You’ll receive a text message with tracking information once it ships by USPS Priority Mail (3-7 days)
  • COST: Your drug insurance will NOT cover this special formulation which costs only $30 per bottle. However, if you were to use your drug insurance to obtain comparable medication (2 drugs in separate bottles) this would typically cost more than $100 out of pocket in copays.
  • One OMNI bottle often provides enough medicine for one eye. However, different patients may waste variable amounts of medication and require a refill. OSRX pharmacy is already authorized by Dr. Chang to refill your OMNI medication if and when you run out, without having to first call our office. PLEASE NOTE: Call OSRX directly if you need a refill (855-466-1076).
  • We get no referral fees or financial compensation from OSRX. We prescribe OMNI because of quality, convenience, and the lower out of pocket cost compared to prescribing 2 different drugs in separate bottles.

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